Why not start now: 5 reasons why you must start now

Today is theee day, to start! I will give you the reasons you need to start by the end of the post.

So lean in for me to share my start story. It was a few days before 2017 started and I wanted to change the year before it started. So, I made a list of a few things that I wanted to do for the first time. I wanted to pay off $20,000 in debt, I wanted to run a marathon, I wanted to sell 1000 copies of my book Modern Day Woman Of Proverbs 31 and I wanted to get a job using my MBA. I didn’t have many plans on how I was going to accomplish those things because well some were going to be by faith and some I didn’t even know the first thing about.

Running for example, when I decided to start, I called up some people who knew this topic wayyy better than I did and I talked to them for long periods. I learned about shoes for running, I learned about websites that could help. I learned about training, fuel for my body and even what to wear. And now I can almost call myself a runner. You know what will happen? One day I will be helping someone else with their plans to run.

We are close to halfway on paying off $20,000 dollars in debt although we could have said our goal is unrealistic and not start but we trusted God and our abilities and started. I am a ways away from selling 1000 copies of my book and I have started applying for jobs in which I can use my MBA. Though I have not yet completely accomplished all those plans, I am certainly closer to accomplishing them than I was when I hadn’t started. I can look forward to those accomplishments and quite frankly While I am waiting, I am pleased with the fact that I started.

You should start too because:

#1 You are able! As soon as you stop doubting and start putting one foot before the other, you will see. You will learn, you will research you will build onto of each block.

#2 You are not getting any younger, trust me. Really age has nothing to do with it. You have enough experience and knowledge to go after that dream. What you don’t know you will have to research, simple.

#3 The one thing you are waiting on to start may never happen, then what? You may never save up enough money because something always happens to take your money. You may never find a husband to do your dream with. You may never have children to impress but what you do have is right now!

#4 You will never know what the outcome might be until you start. I never knew I would ever run 1 mile without stopping let alone 4.9 miles. That was the length of my first run, The Shamrock Shuffle! Yay me woot woot! What’s more is ¬†that I am now motivated to run 10 miles and I’m gonna do it.

#5 Some-one is watching youuuuu! creepy? no, real! Maybe your children, friends, co-workers, family and check this out, it could be your man too. Sometimes your doing inspires people you never knew you would inspire.

Until next Tuesday friends enjoy the start!

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