Why I always ask my husband if he prays for me

Hey baby do you pray for me?

Something about my praying man just turns me on

This is a question among other questions about prayer that I ask my husband often enough. Sometimes I will ask, ” Do you pray for our marriage other times I will simply ask, “Do you pray for our family?”

Sometimes I am discouraged about the hope of marriage based on what I see around me and in the media but I would be encouraged when I see marriages that have been working for what seems like hundreds of years. You know the old couple walking to the store together, shaking together, on their canes together and have between rolling together for over 60 years. They’re who I’m talking about. ¬†They encourage me.

I recently talked to someone who stated that her husband hit her. That was like a slap in the face for me because I was rooting for them. I knew their marriage wasn’t perfect because none is but I just was left breathless with that admonition.

pray pray pray pray pray

One of the first things I did after I got married was to rededicate my life to Christ. Of course I was a little backward-ish or so I thought but as I’m writing now I am reminded that I did actually seek God first I made a commitment to him when I was twelve. And although I thought I had left him, he never left me. My beliefs always remained strong even though I was dabbling in sin. Well back to the story I was about to share

Once upon a time, me and my husband were having issues about a situation. I was livid, I’m not always the most forgiving christian there is and I know how to hold a grudge. Thank God for a husband who has been able to teach me differently. He literally has no ax to grind. His pride does not get in the way of our relationship and he has taught and still is teaching me not to let “my” pride get in the way.

I was upset about said issue, it was money issues y’all I can’t share the details because it involves others and I didn’t ask permission to share, just trust me. I started to give him the silent treatment and the tension was just getting thick and thicker between us.

The lie detector test determines this is a lie

Then randomly he called me from upstairs and said can we pray about this. My response was nope, my heart is not in a position to pray right now and he said we are going to pray so make your heart right. He said this with authority and I went to pray with him. Couldn’t refuse that authority mi sis no sah!

In that moment there was a shift in my whole being and I released my anger with my husband so we could pray together about our situation.

See we made a commitment to God. It’s called Jesus at he center of our relationship. That saying that a family that prays together stays together is real. I could not find myself going before God with malice and anger so I had to let it go. After we prayed the solution was simple we didn’t know where the money would come from but we were determined to do what needed to be done for our marriage. Blame was no longer important. We were stepping into this marriage situation together as one. In agreement and as one, did I say as one, yup you guessed it! As one!

When I see marriages around me that aren’t working, I always remember to ask him if he prays for me, for us, for our family, for our marriage. When Jesus is at the center selfishness, pride and hate has no grounds in which to take root. It allows us to treat each other as if we were dealing with Christ himself, so that my friend is why I always ask my husband does he pray for me

Future me and Marcus


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