What is this gender reveal crap?

So lately I get on my news feed and I see all this gender reveal party crap. Yup that is what I will call it. It was annoying me on my news feed but then I went to work and this grandma is venting to another grandma her annoyance for this party that she is invited to for the baby’s gender reveal. The other grandma actually thought it was a transgender thing which was hilarious to me. At this point I was like too much already. Do people ever wonder if they are stretching the people in their circle too thin with all these parties.

Here is where the story starts for me: A few months ago a friend invited me to her gender reveal party. At the time, I didn’t know this was a new thing, I thought she was doing her own little thing coz my friend goes deep into things, a true millennial and can be a little extra at times. So ok although I didn’t quite get it I was going to go because I was asked. In the end I didn’t make it because there  was just too much on the same day for me.

I don’t know if her invite opened my eyes up to this new hype of gender reveal parties but all of a sudden it’s all I see and hear around me. So I had to ask, where did this crap come from. I know it wasn’t from rich people because they figure out how to make money, not spend it on frivolous things like a gender reveal party. Actually, maybe they did, they gave people a reason to by HerSHEys or HersHEys. The more I think about it the stupider it sounds to me. It is stupid 

You know what? I blame social media. Someone came up with an idea on how to get more pictures to put on social media to trick people into thinking they are living the happiest life on the block and everyone followed suit.

We have become like zombies each one follow one. No one asks what is the purpose of this? Like seriously, what is the purpose of this party? Does it mean you tell everyone at the same time what you are having and never have to say it again. Is it a, “let’s tell them once and for all, type a thing?” I doubt it.

I’m a traditional girl, invite me to the celebrations, the baby shower, the anniversary, the birthday party, the graduation even an engagement party although that one can sometimes be irksome too. I think the time people spend taking pretentious pictures and making up pretentious reasons to have a party they should spend researching how to be good parents and good wives and being the best at what they do for a living. Ugh! I’m out, I gotta go to work

By the way, do you even bring a gift to this thing? Share if you ever wondered why. I call dibs on the ultrasound live Facebook party 


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