The little family that couldn’t

These past two weeks have been nothing less than a roller coaster of emotions for me. I have cried about three happy tears and as I sit now reminiscing I remember a conversation between me and my eight year old son:

Him: Mom, so you only have one brother?

Me: Yes

Him: and you came here from Jamaica? and married to my dad?

Me: yes

Him: Why did you come here?

Me: so I could marry your dad and have you and your sister and make a better life

Him: So why did God put you in Jamaica?

Me: So that I could have an experience that would help me to help people later

This was the gist of our conversation, I don’t remember every exact word but he goes deep sometimes. My son has seen poverty in Jamaica, he has compared Jamaica to America and let’s just say at this point he is not a fan of Jamaica. That will change.

My son and daughter

Well I grew up poor, but this blog post is not about that, it is about victories, that we never imagined.

This week my sister sent out pictures of her in her gown for her valedictory service, indicating that she is at the finish line for what has been one of the hardest accomplishments financially for our family. She has changed our family tree yet again by finishing college. Although this is not official yet, we know it will be done because God has shown us how great he is through her. 

Now my family still struggles financially so helping anyone through college is a stretch but so many times God showed up and reminded us that he is in charge. As I was excitedly talking to my mom about my sister’s victory we got to talking about the challenges and she ask if I remember that my sister had at one point dropped out for two weeks? That part I hadn’t even remembered but this is what had happened:

My sister was told that she couldn’t take classes because she owed them too much money and some needed to be paid immediately. Instead of calling us she just stopped going. She knew we had our own things going on here in America and instead of adding stress she felt that it would be best that she just stopped. It was two weeks later when my mom called and asked her how is school when the truth came out that she hadn’t gone to school in two weeks. My mom being used to moving mountains to make things happen told my sister to go to school and get in her classes even if she had to sneak in until we figured out how to get some money to pay…

beaming with pride, my sister

There was not one semester when things were smooth, every time it came down to paying we have had to depend on God. We still are depending on him because we still owe money and as you know she will not receive that degree until every cent is paid.

Oh yes, then there was the valedictory service. We really wanted her to go because it is a celebration of her accomplishment but again the school said she couldn’t go because she owed money and this time me and my mom could do nothing. We left it to God completely, so we shouldn’t have been surprised when she sent us pictures of herself at her valedictory service. The money wasn’t paid but she asked the person in charge and God had that person prepared to say yes. That simple. Ask and it shall be given. This made me so happy, I want to give God a hug.

That is why I cried because God took it completely out of our hands so that once again he could show his faithfulness unto this little family that couldn’t afford college 

This experience has encouraged me and I hope I am encouraging someone today. Keep pushing, keep fighting, God’s got you!


4 thoughts on “The little family that couldn’t”

  1. Tears stream down my face because I can relate too well to such an experience. As you know, I too, am from a very humble beginning and life has never been easy but God, Yes GOD (I wanna scream his name) has kept me and my family. We will continue to hold on to his unchanging hands as I am confident he is the master of everything and continues to see us through.

  2. No words…well yes God is always in conrtrol…Love u guys….Love u Kayon…congrats on that victory won honey

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