PMS blues, the thing I secretly struggle with

The simple exchange below between me and my husband one weekend recently brought on awareness of something that I didn’t miss. See I recently had a baby and was breast feeding so I had forgotten all about the blues

When most women are pregnant, they stop getting their periods. When they have the baby and breast feed they delay that monthly visitor’s  return. Throw in certain types of birth control and voila longer delay. Recently I was rudely awakened to the reality of her return when my husband made the commented as I walked through the kitchen one day. 

Load of laundry clutched to one side, opposite arm swinging unbeknownst to me. Marcus, my husband turned toward me with a quizzical look on his face a smirk and a smile all at once and asked did you just walk through here swinging your arm? He bust out laughing as he says wow! Your whole demeanor has changed, you are swinging your arm, got a pep in your step. I haven’t seen this side of you in at least a week

I realized then that no matter how I would like to deny that PMS, affects me and the people around me, It happens. Even worse is that most time I don’t realize it until I’m back to my normal self again. And even more worse if that is possible is that the people closest to me are the ones that feel that annoying lash. I’m mean, snappy, unforgiving, moody and I become a major complainer during my periods.

I often think back to Eve. When all is said and done, I try to blame her but the truth is that I am the only one that have control over my behavior. There is no excuse for certain behavior

That’s me above lol! Sometimes it is laughable coz although I don’t feel when that behavior comes on, I most definitely always feel it leave. I’m such a nice person then *wink, just go with it if you know me personally*. PMS is not a struggle like say alcoholism, or drug addiction but there are biological/chemical components to it that makes it ever so real.

Raise your hand If you deal with this monthly issue. I know I’m not alone because there wouldn’t be a name for it if it were just me. PMS blues are real. Real annoying but real nonetheless so, if you are like me, the people around you can see and feel the difference in your demeanor and personality. That’s not something we want so let’s address it.

What can you do? 1. Be self aware! That will draw your attention to shifts in your behavior. 2. A while ago Marcus told me to write myself a note or something to remind myself that he was not the problem, so write yourself a note and put it where you will definitely see it. That was funny. 3. Have someone close to you hold you accountable for your behavior it works. It’s called setting boundaries. He’s sitting next to me right now whistling at this LOL! I love him.

Come back next week for something else that causes wicked changes in my mood!

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