On target 2017!!!!

Freedom 2017! And just like that we have stepped into midyear 2017. Some ran into it, some walked, some spiraled into it and still others are just moseying on in there. I like to think I ran into it. For some of us the year has been crazy already. Some of us have done already more than we have ever done by mid any year before. Both hands up for me.

I inadvertently bumped into my jottings of my plans for 2017 and realized that even though I haven’t been reading them everyday, I actually kinda jot it and forgot it, but I still was on target. I guess I had prepared my mind and was transformed into this new lifestyle by writing down my intentions. I wish I had a picture to show you but my phone won’t let me upload to WordPress *shrugs*

I have definitely formed new lifestyle habits with eating better, healthier choices and working out more. I have also read my one book a month or more. Oh, I also drink a lot more water especially when I see Robin She is an aesthetician and she represents water for me. Beautiful skin endeavor lol.

I have not been going to bed earlier and so my waking up earlier is taking a beating. As for evangelizing the gospel more, I feel like I do that somehow everyday but our mission to Jamaica is in process and we headed to Jamaica soon to evangelize yay!

I falter here: My words of choice were: consistency, discipline, persistency and order. I have been slacking on them words but I can honestly say that sometimes I do consistency well enough especially with this blog. I could def be better at it though.

How are you doing at midyear or almost midyear because technically midyear begins at the end of June. I suggest if you have not been doing well and aren’t too pleased with yourself. You have a chance to get it right in the second half. Also try associating someone or something with what you are trying to accomplish so everytime you see that someone or something you skip to what you should be doing

Until next Tuesday just love yourself enough to do di ting.

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