My babies mean way more than a pair of boobs

So while everyone was enjoying mother’s day weekend, I was weeping in  a corner. Not, but I almost was. So it was on this particular past weekend, Sat 5/13/ 2017 to be exact that I realized I have lost a part of me.

About a week ago, while searching for pictures to add to a Facebook post, I realized that I don’t take too many pictures. I don’t take too many selfies and I “worstly” don’t take pictures with  others. Not with my mom, not with my husband, not with the children. I take pictures of others but without me in them most of the time. I decided to do something about that.

First stop was my friends Boss Mom Life book release celebration. I was there with my mom so I said I would make sure we get some pictures together. After taking the first picture I took one look at it and figured that I didn’t like my part of the picture. At first I thought I was too skinny in the picture but then I decided that wasn’t it but I kept looking for what was wrong with the picture. Then it hit me harder than a ton of bricks and I fainted, not real faint, like in my head faint. I discovered that my bust was missing. My bust which used to be a D was not there anymore. I was flat chested looking like a dude. Then I went home and never left the house again. Ok kidding about that part.

Why I don’t have boobs anymore? I had children. Now I’m talking to God like God are you going to let me have my boobs back coz if you are, it’s kinda time, she’s almost two now. All traces of her breast feeding should be gone by now right? Wrong!

As I thought about this little eye opening boob disappointment, I also thought about how I wouldn’t change the reason for my disappearing boobs for nothing, not another pair of boobs, not all the money in the world, not nothing. Nada, zilch. I just wouldn’t change it. But as I think about that small sacrifice and other sacrifices I make for my children. I realized that anything worth having will require sacrifices.

In order to run a business, you will sacrifice time, sometimes money etc. To get a degree, you will sacrifice time, sleep, money, outings with friends etc. To build wealth, you will sacrifice, eating out, shopping, lawd shopping, but yes. To have children, you will most definitely sacrifice some physical attributes that you really like. To get married, you will sacrifice the things you love most about being single. Insert your sacrifice here because we could go on and on with this but I’m sure you get it. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t let the thought of sacrificing something scare you away from doing something big in your life. Sacrifices, I believe, are a part of success. True story. My babies are so worth the loss of boobs. They mean so much more to me than those problematic boobs.

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