Jealous of The other woman in the gym

I recently joined the gym because I plan on participating in some running events this year. Well you can’t just start running without some training and since I don’t have a treadmill at home I did the next best thing to do in the winter. I joined a gym

Now me and the gym have been building a steady relationship since I joined. As a result, my husband told me one night that I was in beast mode. That really made me feel good coz I like to start stuff and not finish and he knows this. He said the beast mode thing because I left the house after 11 O’clock at night and went to the gym. It was that night that it happened.

Miss African queen walked in like Mariah. She had long wavy hair extensions, midriff baring sports bra and well fitted leggings. She had a nice body and she walked in like she and her abs owned the gym. 

She walked down the length of the gym pretending to look at the equipments looking at the equipment and I watched as most of the heads of the men in the gym turned in her direction.

This is where I caught myself getting competitive and a little bit jealous. Uh hm, the dreaded woman against woman competition was taking full effect in my head and for a split second I wanted to show her that I could do it too. It is funny how we return to our primal state if we feel threatened in any way. Good thing I caught myself in the embarrassing act before it got out of hand. I can do that too girl. I have two not so well developed abs and nice legs so watch out. That was my head voice and the poor woman probably didn’t even notice me

Although her presentation for the gym was quite appropriate, that presentation is not appropriate for everyone. Going to the gym fully clothed is a choice I made a while ago for the sake of modesty and the fact that I am literally afraid to be the cause for anyone who is a baby in their faith stumbling through lust. Oh no! According to the Bible it would be better if I tied a millstone around my neck and jump off into the deep (paraphrased) and I can’t even swim to begin y’all.

I remember when that girl in the gym was me. I also remember that my actions were deliberate. That’s how I got Marcus. Just kidding it was my brains he liked. We met in Microbiology class. There was a time when I desired to dress like that for the gym and that I did but now I’m a mother and wife and a self proclaimed evangelist with a desire is to dress differently.  

The thought of those former days makes me smile because I can see how God has changed me and my priorities. How he has allowed me to get comfortable in my skin to the point where I no longer have a desire to flaunt what my mama gave me.

On a serious note though, I shared this experience to remind women to not let insecurities get the best of us. We compare our “body by motherhood” to the bodies of women who are younger, who never had children and who have the time to go to the gym daily. And then we start to feel self conscious, jealous or envious, and insecure about ourselves.

Do not compare yourself to another woman or to anyone else for that matter. Do your best to keep fit and maintain your best you. We are to uplift and empower one another. So if you ever experience what I experienced even for a second, get the negative thoughts out of your head quickly, that type of green doesn’t look good on us.

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