I’m credit card debt free

Over the last two weeks, I have celebrated with friends, some graduating, some launching books and my husband finished another semester with good grades, so I have been celebrating him too. I also had my own celebration to do because as of Thursday May 18th, I AM OFFICIALLY CREDIT CARD DEBT FREE! and that is a big deal YESSSSSS! I have had credit card debt since about my second year of college, so that means approximately 11 years.

I was all smiles for about two days. I was weird, it would just be a random memory at work and I would be smiling. That feeling of having no credit card debt is boss. The journey to debt freedom is by no means complete or even close to being complete, there are student loans and lots of it to contend with next but finishing up the credit card is a step in the right direction. Oh uhm, no joke if you would like to help me with the student loan or if you have some info that could help me with that give me a holla (in the comment section or on Facebook or if you have my number call me). This is no laughing matter but you know how some of you have gotten to a better place in life and are looking for people to help: Here I am the Lord sent me. So, yeah do that.

Ok all jokes aside, well it wasn’t really a joke. My husband and I started this journey to debt freedom using Dave Ramsey as our guide so that we could eventually give more. It is my prayer that eventually I can take a mission trip wherever I want to out of our own pockets. Every time I do something for my mission which requires money I am even more motivated to become debt free. I honestly do not like to do fundraising for my mission trips I would rather just foot the bill. But at this time that is not feasible.

We are now putting debt freedom on hold to focus on the mission but come post mission we will be back on that grind. The mission is coming up in exactly one month from today and we are short $2300. If you have a heart for missions or just a heart for giving, please support the mission by going to the website and donating or by purchasing one of my books. All proceeds from the books go toward Freedom Mission to Jamaica 2017. Couldn’t help that plug because pride doesn’t lead to funding for missions

I wasn’t going to share my credit card debt free accomplishment but  I figured that I talk so much about being in debt and becoming debt free that I had to share the mini victories because it may motivate and encourage someone else. Be encouraged, debt freedom is possible. TTY next Tuesday. One love

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