I must be somebody

I remember when I use to dream that I must be somebody. That dream was years ago, my latter teen years to be exact. I would always have that dream when I was having boyfriend troubles. Whenever I was hurt by him or whenever we had one of our many breakups, the dream along with many fantasies would come alive in my mind. 

I was going to strike riches. I was going to have the most expensive car and the biggest house. I was going to have money to do whatever I wanted to do. I was going to be somebody. That was sure going to make him sorry we didn’t make it together.

I think about those memories now and I realized, oh how I have matured in my thinking process. There are three specific things that have changed in the way I think about being somebody:

  1. I was born somebody! God doesn’t make mistakes with his creation so the moment I was conceived in my mother’s womb, he saw me as somebody and that was good for the Lord so that is good for me rich or poor. I am somebody.
  2. I still want to make lot’s of money but for completely different reasons. The main one, to do God’s work. For example one day in the future when I take mission trips to Jamaica or to anywhere in the world, I will be able to do so without having to do fund raisers.
  3. Keeping a man stopped being the motivation for me to make money. This one changed during college, that is when I met my husband and we did have one very seemingly serious breakup but the thought of getting rich to make him sorry or to get him back never crossed my mind. I think that by then I had learnt that money can’t buy love or happiness.

So why write this in my 30s when so much has changed? Well, because most of us struggle with something that we want to do or are doing for the wrong reasons. Some of us also have the same mindset that we had in our late teens plaguing us today. These strongholds are making us not do things that we should be doingmaking us do things we shouldn’t be doing or making us do the right things for the wrong reasons. You will not find long term joy or happiness this way, but you probably already know that right?

If you fall into any of these categories, it’s time for you to change that. Do something about it. With that said, I ask you this question: Do you fall into any of the categories Mentioned above?

Finally I want you to know if you are thinking about “being somebody,” you are already somebody. Thus saith your creator! Being somebody does not depend on your success or the life you are going to carve out for yourself. Dream dreams and hope because God has given you that ability through Jesus Christ. The satisfaction you think you are going to experience when you “become somebody” for your ex, or your parents or your teacher to see might just be disappointing when you finally get the opportunity.  You are somebody, so believe it!

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