Flirt with your husband

It’s Valentine’s Day and I feel like I should talk about marriages and sex and all that stuff today. Me and my husband have been together for twelve years though we have not been married the whole time but when I talk about my husband to anyone, I often find myself saying lines such as: The sparks still fly or I still miss him when he leaves and one of the reasons for that is we work on our marriage.

Marriage is hard but like anything else in life that is worth having, you have to work for it. If marriage was easy they all would work out but the stuttering truth is that nearly half of them don’t work out.

There are two major things that keep our marriage Jesus at the center and the work we put into intimacy. We do right by each other because we know it pleases the Lord but we also need intimacy because we were created for it. Read songs of Solomon.

We work on pleasing each other as long as it is right in God’s eyes. Now don’t get me wrong our marriage is not cookies and cream all the time. Sometimes he gets on my last two nerves and I know that I sometimes drive him looney tunes 

That happens in all marriages at some point. If it is one isolated situation meh, that’s livable but when this goes on for too many days, me an’ my man know it’s time to reconnect. It’s time for date night and a meeting with a good old faithful friend that married couples with children sometimes spend less time with, “sex” heh heh heh.

OK back to the date part, on our dates we flirt, we hold hands and we revisit some of the things we did in our early days together. Yeah dem was some shameful/sinful things since we weren’t married

Now remember when I said we “still” have sparks flying? Didn’t you wonder why I used the word still? It is as if I expect the sparks to stop flying at some point but why? I do want us to be together till death and I plan on working on my part to make that happen, so why do I always say the sparks still fly? The sparks should keep flying but let me tell you why I think like this and let me also tell you that I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

When we look around us and see that nearly half of marriages end in divorce, it discourages us and has us waiting for our’s to wither away. It is made to look like marriages are boring or that one cannot remain faithful to the same man/or woman  for as long as we are alive after marriage but that is a lie form the Devil.

Look, I straight up get the hots for my husband, he is hottttttttttt! Okay you get my drift. I look at him with hungry lustful eyes quite often and he looks at me the same way even more frequently lol I catch him staring at my rear all the time. OOOOh I’m probably going to be in trouble because they think Christian women shouldn’t talk write this way but let’s be candid, even if it’s only for Valentine’s Day. If I am tempted to lust who better to lust after than my man that God blessed me with to do what I please. It’s probably not lust then but it sure is more fun to think of it that way

I have no need to swing, cheat, or be caught dead lusting after someone that does not belong to me. The same muscles that another man has are the same muscles that my man has and I look at dem muscles rippling across his chest and the strong arms with bulging biceps that are all the better to hold me with and then I thank God for giving him to me. Ahem 

It gets tough right here. I know everyone wasn’t blessed with a Marcus but If the man you married isn’t the same man anymore because he done packed on a few pounds, go to the gym with him, you would be surprised what that does for your relationship, you just might jump his bones right where uhm sorry getting sidetracked. The sparks will not just fly, something combustible is necessary for sparks to fly.

I said all this to say, “people, let’s keep our marriages, let’s win back the ones that are failing and rebuild the ones that have crumbled.” Women it is okay to date and flirt with your husband oh and have sex with him, did you know that God created sex? Chat bout! On Valentine’s day when you sit there moping and wondering what happened ask yourself, are you doing anything to help make your marriage work? By the way, did you know that when you are married no one can criticize you for making the first move? If your marriage mean enough to you do something for it and while you are at it make sure God is at the center!


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