I am a Jamaican born and bred but I live in the U.S. so I think about ackee and sailfish, roast breadfruit and salt mackerel quite often. When I’m not thinking about such foods, I’m mothering my precious children and being a wife to my favorite half. I am the author of Modern Day Woman of Proverbs 31: A Devotional for women.

I secretly fantasize about speaking to an auditorium full of high school graduates and another auditorium full of college graduates. Yup, one day it will come to pass. By the way I’m a nurse, ministry leader and an aspiring business woman too, so pray for me, my hands are bound to be full.

I am writing this blog in which I will be candidly sharing experiences and using them to encourage, uplift, motivate, and empower fellow women. I am a dreamer and I’m okay with it because reality must start somewhere and mine starts in my dreams. Even though I dream, I live my life in reality and that’s what I hope to empower you to do. Live in the real and get rid of the make belief lifestyle, let’s keep it candid not candied.