A letter to all mothers everywhere

Dear mom,

I see what  you meant when you said, “just wait until you have your own.” Nothing could have possibly prepared me for the roller coaster ride of motherhood. With two children, I am challenged daily, But you mom, you deserve your applaud having had four of us.

If you have ever stood at the top of a fourteen step flight of stairs helpless as you watch your one-year-old slide down backwards on her belly full speed or fall off of something that she climbed up on and you are too far away to catch her, then you know what emotional challenge it is to be a mother and I commend you.

When I spend one or two full days in a row with my sometimes whiny 1 year old, I always wind up thinking, we should respect the moms who chose to stay at home all day everyday with 2, 3 or more children. There are days when you can’t seem to do anything right for them. The same days when you’ve done everything and you just can’t figure out what else to do. I know now how that affects you.

And as if worrying about what you are doing wrong in the present isn’t enough, you worry about not affecting them negatively for the rest of their lives. You wonder if your son will make some wife a good husband or you wonder if your daughter will make some husband a good wife. You wonder if your son will make some other little boy or  girl a good father or if your daughter will make some other little girl or boy a good mother. You wonder if when you yelled at him/her half out of frustration and 100% out of love you messed him up for life.

Motherhood is a challenge but thankfully God gives us sweet moments in between to look forward to. Remember when you watched excitedly as your child took, first steps, or smile right at you for the first time. Remember when your child held your finger for the first time or when your child went pee pee all by himself. Remember when you kissed your child and s/he kissed you back or when you held her hand and kissed it and she did it right back to you. Remember when you watched them walk across the first stage they would ever cross and you couldn’t help crying. You saw all their potential in that moment. Remember?

Moms I honor you because you took the hard way out and carried us into the world. To moms who had to give up their beloved child to another family because it was best. That must have torn your heart out literally. You deserve to be applauded. To moms who did the wrong thing thinking they were doing the right thing because they knew no better, please forgive yourself! Motherhood does not come with a manual.

To moms who did the wrong thing because of convenience and sometimes even selfishness, I pray that you will repent and start now to show your child/ren adult or younger that you do love him/them. To moms who live everyday wondering what the child that they aborted would be like I pray that you also will repent and start living a new life with the children that God allow in your life. Do not let those moments remind you of your mistake/s, let them give you hope of a possible future.

To single mothers, I often wonder, if it is so hard to parent even when a father is around doing his part, how do you actually do it alone? Your resilience definitely show in your doing this all by yourself and you deserve much credit. it is not easy being a single parent. To the mothers who have never had a child of their own but live everyday in the sense of the word, to other people’s children you are a reflection of selflessness. Finally to mothers who must deal with a sick child, on days when you feel helpless, hopeless and may want to give up but don’t I salute you, hats off real MVP honor goes to you.

To my mother who had four of us and many times no money , no help and no knowledge sometimes of where our next meal was coming from. I knew because I was the oldest that you had it hard as we grew up but you made it look easy. I often look at my brother and sisters’ love and kindness towards each other and know that that was you, that was how you raised us. You are a tower of strength to us, you are the epitome of motherhood and you teach me everyday by your actions that once a mother, always a mother. Mom I love you, I am the mother I am because of you. Thank you is not enough but thank you for carrying us to term, for loving us, for teaching us, for preaching to us and most of all, thank you for just being the beautiful person that you are.

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  1. Kerry Ann that was beautiful and so touching this tribute to your mom and other mother’s. Keep on being the wonderful person that you are. “To God be the glory”🙎🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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