5 things to do when you feel overwhelmed

OMG! Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with worry or fears that not even your faith feel enough to handle it. That was me one day last week. I went to bed on two negative thoughts, one I didn’t have enough money for my mission trip and the other I didn’t have my passport for my mission trip.

Needless to say when you go to sleep negative, you wake up negative. I woke up and went for a run and right before I started my run I found myself praying through tears and a world of emotions. See time had crept up on me (not really) and before I knew it I only had two weeks to go, no passport and $2200 to raise. So, I cried out to Jesus. But when that is not enough to make you feel like things have been fixed, here is what you do

#1 Call someone who also know how to pray! I finished my run that morning got in my car and dialed my sister in Christ. To be honest I didn’t call her for prayer, I called to whine and get some encouragement and that I did receive. She gave me ideas to raise funds and then she volunteered help with the fundraising and to pray for me. Since then I have been anything but worried. I know where that peace came from though.

#2 Call some other friends. Listen y’all better get off that texting, is nothing wrong with texting but sometimes you need voices in your head. So I called up another sister. Now she is not a sister in Christ and we don’t talk every day but I know I can count on her to help keep me encouraged. Now in the space of 2 hours this woman was at my house trying to help me raise funds for my mission trip. My Publisher jumped in to help, Man, I keep thinking, I don’t care how rich and famous  you might be, my people are better than yours lol. They come through!

#3 Drop pride! I know a lot a bout this one, because no one has pride like me. But I also know when it’s time to let it go. Look if people offer their help in anyway shape or form take that help, no man is an island. Your hands will not be clean if you try to just wash one hand by itself. One hand has to wash the other to be effective.

#4 TRUST in the Lord. He knows your needs and promised to supply them. If he has commissioned you he will take care of the rest. I had for a moment stopped trusting and was looking at my inabilities instead of his ability and it got me nowhere fast.

#5 Believe in your own cause. If you believe in your cause others will soon start to believe in it too; even the negative ones. If you believe in your cause, you can share it with enthusiasm because that is all it will take to get some people on board with you.

This is not an exhaustive list and it is not scientific either but it comes from my experience so try it one day when you need to. BTW the same day I woke up worried about the passport was the same day the passport came and it didn’t even come in the regular mail, it came later all by itself. We have also raised $400 since then. We have a ways to go but I no longer worry because I know God’s got this. If you want to donate click here Prayer changes things.

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